Online Trumpet Lessons

Call me a luddite, but I’ve been somewhat skeptical of online music lessons when compared to traditional lessons that take place face to face.  After all, a virtual teacher can’t play duets with his/her student, hear a true representation of someone’s sound quality, or even get an accurate sense of a student’s rhythm and timing.      

But…maybe I’m being too negative.  Online lessons are clearly becoming a trend (see this article in the NY Times) and perhaps if both teacher and student are driven to succeed and creative in adapting to the limitations of the technology, there might be a lot to gain.  

Instead of being an old curmudgeon about this, I’ve decided to give it the old college try and hang up my virtual shingle to teach trumpet lessons online. I think that the platform might be especially successful for more advanced students and adults. Let me know if you want to give it a try!